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We are here to guide you through the glamping adventure. Let us show you our handpicked selection of the extra special places to stay. The places with the views worth a million Swiss franks.

Here is our selection the places that would inspire you to say, “Wow. I can't believe my eyes” or “It is so cool to see the stars from my bed”. And at the same time we keep focus on staying in a comfort and style.

Discover, compare, inspire yourself. Choose the best glamping site for your special retreat.


Glamping in Finland

Finland picked up the trend of glamping. It is mainly spread in Lapland as glass igloo accommodation, luxury domes with sky view, Aurora huts to see the Northern Lights from a bed.

Aurora Dome & Glamping
Aurora Dome & Glamping is . This luxury round shaped tent has one transparent wall and view over the lake. Each Dome has Lappish themed decoration. The Domes are insulated and equipped with a real fireplace. Capacity 2 persons + 2 extra beds. Toilet, shower and sauna are within easy walking distance. Levi ski resort is 50 km. Kittilä airport 62 km.

Besides luxury camping accommodation can be found in Lakeland area of Finland as close to the nature as possible surely by the lake. Of course, sauna is a must in Finland in all possible forms - inhouse or separate lakeshore.

You can find even a floating sauna which can be used as holiday home for unique retreat and romantic holidays close to Helsinki, place to relax and slow down, experience the local nature holiday traditions.

Saunaboat Haikara
Saunaboat Haikara is . This unique accommodation is a floating sauna with a well-equipped kitchenette, seating area and 1 bathroom. It offers sleeps for 2. Helsinki is 35 km from the accommodation. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport - 47 km.

Glamping in USA

Glamping in USA is definitely an upcoming trend. According to the Goggle Search request 23% of all worldwide glamping requests are in America.

There are many glamping accommodation designs available. Under Canvas campgrounds are probably the most known and popular in USA. They offer safari tents nearby the most iconic and beautiful National Parks in America.

Under Canvas Zion
Under Canvas Zion. offers safari tents with king-size beds and wood burning stove. Communal bathhouse. Stargazer tents with viewing window above the bed. Deluxe tents with private ensuite bathroom inside the tent. Towels, linen provided.

America's most popular glamping destinations are Zion, Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National parks and nearby areas.

Wherever you choose to go, you’ll find the best spots and most beautiful places. Almost all glamping spots will provide barbeque facilitis, open fire pits and s’mores, camp activities, great views for the nature and starry sky.

Hualapai Ranch at Grand Canyon West
Hualapai Ranch is . It is located next to the Grand Canyon West Rim in the middle of the dessert. The Ranch offers rustic cabins with private bathroom. The area with no lights - great to see the starry sky. Wagon rides, horseback rides, magic and gun fight shows available. Barbecue facilities. Restaurant, a 24-hour front desk.



For a romantic glamping holidays there are glass igloo accommodation in Finnish Lapland, as an example. Transparent glass roof allows to see the starry sky right from the bed. Some glass igloo resorts offer outdoor hot tubes. It is an unforgettable experience to relax in a warm tube when there is snow and frost around and the Northern Lights dancing on the sky.


Eco glamping offers accommodation in harmony with nature. Those places are built and managed in a way to minimize its impact on the natural environment.

For example, eco glamping choose green electricity. This means the electricity they use is 100% renewable. The accommodation uses materials and food from local suppliers. Glamping business activity supports the local economy and raise awareness of the surrounding natural resources. They also promote eco activities like hiking, canoeing, learning local traditions, etc.


In our opinion, glamping is mostly suitable a short break or retreat. Optimal duration is 1-3 nights to get a unique experience and to see natural phenomena. Also glamping suits for a special event such as a honeymoon, anniversary or a gift to those who have everything.
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